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Ya see I'm not keen on selling these items but everyone seems to be asking for them or asking for them as gifts. As simple as a dish cloth looks, it does take awhile to make. I made another last night just very simple pattern and my hand was cramping by the end.

Yarn is expensive and my time is precious. I'm worried if I start making items then they will want more and more all the time. I usually buy dishcloths from the dollar store and I get a bundle of them LOL. It seems insane for me to charge $8.00 for one. LOL.

I appreciate all your input regarding pricing. I am just feeling pressured now to make them for others, but I like posting the photos of what I am learning for others to see, but I guess it comes with consequences.

Ps. I posted another photo last night of the simple cloth I made for mom and captioned that it took me 4 hours to do (maybe ppl will realize its not something knit up in 10 mins)
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