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Angel, STOP! STOP!

You cannot start making these just because people want you to and because your mom is telling them things that aren't true. You're going to KILL your desire to knit in one fell swoop!

Post your pictures online all you want to. Then add a disclaimer that says, "Don't even ask--they're NOT for sale" or "If you want one, here's a link to the pattern!"

And for Pete's sake, tell your mom to stop committing you to something you can't do!!! I'd also tell her (nicely) that if SHE wants to learn to knit so she can make all these folks dishcloths, then she can go for it. But she has no right to promise other people your work.

My mother-in-law does this to me all the time: As in, "Oh, your aunt will make you __________ (fill in the blank)." I just look at her and say, "Oh, I will, huh?" And then I don't do it.

You have more important things to do in life than make dishcloths--even for a price.
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