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I just learned to knit in May 2011, also Continental style. Have you watched the video tutorials here at Knitting Help? Many of them show basic techniques in both the Continental and the English style. Take a look at the demonstrator's hands/fingers, even if she's trying to direct your attention elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is the needles themselves. Metal needles have a reputation for being "slippery" and letting stitches slide off; bamboo and other woody-type needles have a reputation for being "sticky" and holding the stitches close to them. Maybe you'd like to try bamboo if you're working with metal needles, and maybe larger ones if you're already working with bamboo?

See if any of these ideas help. My speed is still dreadfully slow, but it didn't take too long (maybe a few weeks?) for Contintal knit/purl to become quite comfortable, so stick to it!

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