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Knitting a sleeve hem
Hi! My first topic start ever.
The pattern is Chromatic Pullover from Knitpicks. I did a provisional cast on for the sleeve hem and knitted 7 rows, 1 purl row (a turning row) and 7 more knitted rows. I unraveled my prov. cast on and placed those live stitches on needles. I have this "tube" with right sides facing out. I had to "turn it inside out" (so wrong sides were facing each other, per pattern) so I could do like, a 3 needle bind off kinda thing, per pattern instructions. HOWEVER, I am supposed to have the working needle in front of the prov. cast on stitches needles and I don't. The working needle is behind and I cannot figure out how to get it in front. It's like a knitting rubik's cube. No matter how I turn it, etc.

Thanks so much for any help AND..this is my 2nd attempt.
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