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Originally Posted by Crycket View Post
Pretty much...sock wizard, is a little less finicky and doesn't really ask for rows per inch....

You just drop in the gauge for what yarn you want to use, then make your measurements....and it wizs up a pattern for you...there is a choice of toes, and heals...toe up, cuff down, and 4 or 5 dpns...I think it even has two circs....don't remember off hand, mainly cause I tend to stick to the 5 dpns....

It also (like Sweater Wizard) tells you how many pattern repeats are exceptable on any given is neat!

And helpful for me...I just ask anybody I am knitting socks for to measure the bottom of there feet...and voila, drop it into the fuss, no muss!
An even easier way is for your friends to trace their foot on a piece of computer paper. Then you can do all the measuring you want and you don't have to keep bugging them. You have it with you even if they're at work. You won't have one of those Oh C moments because you thought you'd remember the measurement but can't for the life of you. This works good for mittens, too. Have them trace their hand with thumb outstretched.
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