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Oh, what a great idea about those lifelines! I do have a few questions.

Jan- you said to thread a yarn needle with finer yarn and put it through the stitches on the needle. Which one, the stitches on the source needle or the ones on the working needle?

Artlady-what is a "real" lifeline that helps prevent live stitches from slipping or popping down a row below when you're trying to pick them up? What does that mean? And how a real lifeline lets you zip up your "picking up" needle right on through? And no one can escape?

Also, what are the long tails and what does it mean to tie them together?

Can y'all explain all this to me? Pretend I'm still in kindergarden (which, being a beginner, I feel like I am.)

I'm grateful for your help.
Thank you all
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