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Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
Green Pastures
1. bugsyblacklab
2. susauehl
3. sakura-panda
4. calimama (<-- Currently knitting!)
5. cheley

Starry Night
1. susauehl
2. bugsyblacklab
3. calimama
4. sakura-panda (<-- Currently knitting!)
5. susauehl

Blueberry Chocolate
1. sakura-panda (<-- Currently knitting!)
2. bugsyblacklab
3. moonbunny
4. susauehl
5. calimama

I'm all mixed up. I've got so much going on that I'm not tracking things properly. I was keeping a list offline, but I haven't had a chance to update it in the past several weeks.

I have sent Blueberry Chocolate on to bugsyblacklab. I took a picture and uploaded it to my Amazon Cloud drive and now it has been blocked at work. I have been using it from here so I guess that is a recent change. I have pictures of Green Pastures on there too.

I finished Starry Night and am sitting on it -- I thought it was going to cheley, and have gotten her address, but I see now that it is supposed to go back to susauehl. It's a good thing I haven't sent it yet.

Many apologies to cheley and susauehl and I will get that blanket out in the mail tomorrow.

I used Red Heart Super Saver Soft Navy and Vanna's Choice Charcoal Print.

I have Cloud Nine to finish; I have lots of uncoordinating multi-color yarn and would like to get a nice white or ecru for the second color. Just haven't gotten to it.

I think that's all of the ones I've been sitting on.

How is everyone else doing?
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