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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
Do you cast on a simple well loved project, take a break from them for awhile, or continue to plug on???

I seem to definitely be in the minority of this post, but I hate working on more than one project at the same time! I am very progress driven and I just don't make enough progress if I am bouncing back and forth between projects. I love the knitting process, but I REALLY love FO's!

I also hate undoing work I've already done, so in the rare case that I have become miserably bored or stop liking a project, I just put it away. After I knit one or two other things I will pulll it out and reassess my feelings. Usually it is, "Ok, let's give this another shot." But if I'm still not feeling it, back in the box you go! That is kind of what has happened to me with this afghan I was knitting for my sister as a Christmas present... in 2010. It is still sitting in a basket by the door of my craft room (I like to call it my craft room, but I'm afraid it will probably alway be our "Where do we put all this extra junk?!" room). I look at it every time I walk in there and I try to knit some for it every month or so. I KNOW she will love it when I finish it, I just need to tolerate the rest of the knitting.
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