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Originally Posted by ShanaHoo View Post
I am very progress driven and I just don't make enough progress if I am bouncing back and forth between projects.
I certainly understand that! When I used to work one project at a time, I had FO's flying off the needles.

Mostly, I knit like you do. Especially for things like sweaters. If I procrastinate on a sweater, I have to get my mind wrapped around the project all over again when I pick it up.

It really is best to start and finish KNITTED GARMENTS one at a time, for shore!

That said, I do like having my Japanese Feather Shawl as my back-burner project. It's going to take 6-220 yd balls of Melody Superwash. Yikes. That's 1,320 yards. So I've enjoyed knitting on it, one or two balls at a time. Then a break. I'm not in any mad hurry to get the shawl finished. I'd like to use it at a 3-day air-conditioned event this summer in July. That's my goal.

I'm down to 2 balls left.
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