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[quote=ArtLady1981;1343336]It really is best to start and finish KNITTED GARMENTS one at a time, for shore! [quote]

I am only now starting to get into knitting garments (starting my second sweater this weekend!) but I already understand that statement. Even putting it down a weekend while The Boyfriend and I went home to visit our parents threw me off.

I do work on multiple projects once one becomes too big or too complicated for travel. I do a big chunk of knitting during my down time at work. I would never want to carry a 3/4 completed afghan or a lacy delicate shawl back and forth. Usually at that point I throw a bunch of leftover baby yarn in my purse and start churning out baby hats and booties for donation. It's a super quick, super easy project that I can bang out in an hour or two without getting "out of my groove" with my big project.

Speaking of my second sweater, I need to dig down deep to finish my first one! I've got all the knitting done and it is blocked, I just need to sew buttons on it. I found PERFECT buttons at Joann's last week, but they only had 9 and I need 11. I hope I get lucky tomorrow and they have restocked! so I can get those last 2!
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