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Robin Hood hat (again)
Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
You're going to be working the brim in the flat, that is back and forth (not in the round). You'll cast on 20 sts and work with those 20 plus one additional st from the crown which gets ktog with the 20th st from the brim. You continue to incorporate a st from the crown on every other row when you repeat the k2tog. I think this may be easier to see when you actually do each row step by step.
Hi, thanks so much for your advice and help. I too, have been having so much trouble with this pattern, even though the site told me that 'this is not a difficult pattern to work' !!
Well, I do believe the directions could have been more detailed. I feel alot better seeing that I'm not the only poor soul who is having difficulty both in starting and finishing this hat!
I'd appreciate any help you can give me on the brim section.
If I'm understanding your answer to the above person, I will be making the brim in the flat with 2 single point needles and attaching it at the end to 80 of the crown end sts?
The instructions on the pattern speak of 'change to small circular needles and knit one ound????????
I thought they meant to transfer the crown part to smaller circular needles and THEN do another knit round, THEN cast on 20 cable sts.
It makes more sense to me to just do it in the flat as you've said then attach it one st at a time to the crown.
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