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Thank you for all the kudos. I already have the dreaded second sock syndrome. But I plan to forge ahead with sock number two. (just as soon as I finish the 2 hats I am working on ) I have turned into a knitting machine. What I need to do is learn how to do 2 at the same time.

Jan in CA - thank you for the links. I will get to them as soon as I have a chance to digest them. I believe in a previous post of mine you pointed out how to hold the work on a dpns, That was such a helpful hint. Thank you. Once I realized the work should come toward me instead of fall through the middle of the needles, I am able to pick up the work after a time and easily figure out which side I am knitting on.

Antares - I like your philosophy, I am happy with the results. Knitting patterns have always intimidated me, in fact all patterns do. But having knitted a few socks by pattern I realize that there is room for customization and 'doing your own thing'. Which totally speaks to me. Thanks!

salmonmac - perfect? wow - thanks - but if truth be told, I did not show the couple of holes I had once all was said and done. And this is my favorite color. Thank you!

Olha - I agree, it is a great feeling of accomplishment, especially since I have always thought "I cannot knit a sock" - but look, I can!

thanks again & have a great day
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