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That looks great, Susan! Thanks for sharing!

Two more pictures from me:

Green Meadows:

Vanna's Choice in Olive Green and Loops and Threads in Folklore. (I think that was the name.)

Blueberry Chocolate:

Red Heart Super Saver in Soft Navy and Vanna's Choice in Mountain Print.

I was not able to find any cotton yarn at Michael's so I went home and checked my yarn "trunk". I found a great match inside of there -- Bernat Handicrafter in a varigated blue/green and Bernat Cottontots in a soft green that matched! So that's what ended up using for Cloud Nine -- I only have a few more rows to go. It went a lot easier than I expected it to and I'm surprised that I had such a hangup about cotton. It must have been because of the netting that I normally use with it.

Is there any interest in working on another blanket? Susan and I will both have empty needles here shortly -- I'd like to start a list to make sure we have enough knitters before either of us casts on.
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