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Simply Soft Shadows Autumn
Hey, I wouldn't want to start a bidding war, but hey, I know how much I wanted to find this product a few months ago, and was unable. So, what I have to sell is about 12 skiens, which are in the form of about a 1/3 afghan. As it is now, it measures 25" x 44", and its tightly crocheted with a shell pattern, six double crochets, space single crochet, then sp and double. I have attached a picture. I can eaisly break it up in equal parts or sell the entire piece as it is. Just tell me what you want to pay for it and how much you need and I'll see how many folks I can accommodate. I'd need so much more than what you guys are asking, that I'm going to just start over.

Hope I can make someone happy! PS. I am very reasonable, so I won't ask $100 per skien! Haaa haaa.....

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