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Blankets, Anyone?
Hi all!

Some of you may remember that I used to head up the West Coast Oddball Blanket group. I gave that up when I went back to school to finish my degree.

Well, I haven't been around much in the last year or so...been busy learning how to teach...into my second year teaching high school...intensive reading to be exact.

Here's why I'm posting.

In the last week, I've learned that two of my students are pregnant.

It breaks my heart. These girls are precious to me but come from home situations that are difficult, to say the least.

I'd love, love, love it if anyone could spare two blankets to show my girls that the world cares about them.

Y'all have donated blankets to my students in the past, and they've been much appreciated. In fact, last year, I was at my son's high school's football game when a gal came down to me and showed me her young toddler, wrapped in a blanket that had been given to her by y'all. She never forgot the kindness.

I'd make the blankets myself, but as a new teacher, I am SWAMPED with paperwork, lesson plans, and online classes to get fully reading endorsed. I hardly have time to knit. :(

Would anyone be able/willing to donate a blanket?

Shandeh can vouch for me, as can some of the other knitters on the board.

If interested, please let me know!!

Thanks so much!!!

I was wondering
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