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Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
I've often had people ask me what I'd charge to make something. I tell them that I don't charge for two reasons: 1) They couldn't pay me what an item is worth, money-wise, and 2) It would take the joy out of knitting the item in the first place.
I could find a lot of joy knitting a Mulled Cider cardigan/jacket for $600, which would include the "Blackstone Tweed" yarn!

Just sayin'...

My own daughters barely appreciate what goes into knitting. When I couldn't really afford the Noro Kureyon yarn for a cardigan for one of them I asked if she would purchase the yarn, gave her the website links to chose colors...but she wouldn't buy her own yarn.

I ended up using my cc to buy the yarn for her. I was happy to give this cardigan to her, but I must tell you, it gave me a little insight on her appreciation. I kinda think she thinks she's doing me the favor of taking an expensive, hand-knit cardigan from me. "Well if SHE WANTS TO KNIT FOR ME, I'm happy to take it, but I sure as heck don't want it, or need it, enough to pay for the yarn! Oh heck no!"

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