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my best fix for fisherman's rib
My best way of fixing dropped stitches in fiisherman's rib that was created by pearl 1, knit 1 below on all rows is this:

secure your dropped loop!! pull the knitting needles apart to
see your "ladder of threads". examine them. every dropped stitch
creates two threads on the ladder, a B thread and an A thread above it.
The only exception is if your top stitch was a regular pearl, then there will be an odd number of loose threads in your ladder and the top thread will be crocheted like a regular purl. The "A" threads will be looser and may retain an upward curve because it was forming an upward loop. Every B thread was also wrapped around the bottom of a loop but goes off to the side to form loops in the two stitches to the side.. but does not form a loop in this stitch.

Turn your knitting around so you are looking at the the purled side of the dropped stitch (the raised side):

^ --> Dropped Stitch

This shows a dropped stitch that has unraveled only twice. For each unraveled loop TWO threads are freed into your ladder.
Notice the A threads tend to be longer - They may even retain the shape of a downward facing loop looking like a frown.

1. slide your crochet hook through the dropped loop
2. slide your crochet UNDER the next thread up the ladder, the B thread
3. grab the A (upper) thread with the crochet hook and pull it through your old loop to form a new loop. Pull the new loop towards you and up Notice that your new loop has two threads wrapped around its bottom, the B thread and the old loop thread.

4. Repeat with new loop until you're at the top. If the dropped stitch was last purled you should have an odd number of threads in your ladder and the last time you need only pull one thread through your loop.

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