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You'll get it, it's just a matter of practice. I find a yarn like Simply Soft is more difficult to get tension right on and it was really hard to work with when I was first starting. You're already a knitter so that probably isn't much of an issue for you though.

This evening, while watching television with my DH, he asks me to change the channel. I tell him, "Can't you see I'm busy crocheting?" He responds just as quickly, "Yes, I see you are busy. I see you are busy pre-frogging!"

He knows me and by the end of the night, this latest attempt will look like yarn barf all over the couch.
AAACCCCKKKKK!!!! I can identify with that!!!! I'll knit and knit or crochet and crochet only to frog it and then do it all over again!

It took me forever and a day to get good with the tension in crochet, knitting I just about gave up on, but now it's finally looking like I can do stockinette without so much rowing out. We're opposites!

Just curious, do you knit Continental? I have an idea that I do because I crocheted first and have not been able to knit English...yet. I'm wondering if a Continental knitter would have an easier time getting the tension right in crochet.
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