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Originally Posted by Lighting57 View Post
Don't laugh at me, but if I buy an IPad can I use it with my home DSL signal or do I have to have a contract through one of the cell phone companies? I know what they are and how they are used, but that's the extent of it.
I'd say probably, but you'd have to ask. I have cable and wifi so I've no experience there. You could ask your DSL provider. They'd probably know.

I also got the smallest cellular data contract with AT&T just to see how much I use it. I can't get wifi at the yarn store which is where I go to a social knitting group twice a week. And it'll be handy in the car for maps and such. This particular plan is 250mb for $15 a month.

However if I find I don't use it much then I'll turn it off and just turn it on when I need it like on vacation. It's easy to do through the app. It's on a 30 day plan for various amounts and it's billed to a credit card. You just turn it off before they charge your card again.

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