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Originally Posted by KnittingElf View Post
I fell in love with knitting late last year, but due to school I haven't really been able to knit much. I have some time now, though, and just started my first afghan I was at lunch with my family the other day, and I was trying to hurry my family along because the knitting store closed at four. My brother looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Knitting is for OLD people!"

I actually have met many younger knitters since starting. Besides him acting like being older was a "bad" thing, he acted like I was some weird cat lady for wanting to knit. Well ha! I'm actually a dog lady so there

Honestly, though. Does this myth still exist widely? Ever have someone act like you're weird for knitting? He's lucky I didn't have my knitting needles with me is all I'm saying...
Come now. You won't let a brother tease you, will you? Brothers are supposed to try that - for any pretext they could find, that is what they are for (in childhood, at least). But you are supposed to smile at it, not let it get through you...
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