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Originally Posted by susauehl View Post
I took Starry Night and Autumn Run to the Boise Humane Society finally! They were much appreciated!! They did tell me if we wanted to do more that 12" or 14" size squares would be nice as they fit better in their cat cages. They said the cats love the knitted blankets. So if any wants to do any squares and mail them to me, I will take them in a couple of months to them. No worries if you don't.

Thank you again for everyone who worked on these blankets!!


That is awesome, Susan! I'm so glad to hear that our work is not only appreciated, but that they want more.

I'm still sitting on the finished Cloud Nine. It sits on the cushion in my bedroom and mocks me. I am debating making a bigger blanket in the colors that I used on it to give to my dad -- he's in the hospital and it looks like he won't be coming home -- but am concerned that the colors are babyish. DH has no useful opinion (as in, no opinion at all) so I'm kind of keeping the blanket in sight until I make a decision one way or another.

I should ask my mom, but I think she'll tell me not to bother.
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