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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Which iPad do you have, Katie? Even though they aren't HD I find on my iPad 3 that the text is sharp and the videos are pretty good even though they aren't HD.

I do use Good Reader because I'd rather not sit in my computer room chair at the computer. I used to print patterns all the time, but now I can see many (not all) of them right on my iPad. I'll probably be PDFing patterns now so I can use them on there! Can't wait to use the test the annotation since I always use a pencil and paper or write on my patterns.

I have a first generation iPad, Jan.

I'm tempted by the new one, but there isn't any new feature that I'm dying to get -- some that are nice to have, but none that I'm willing to upgrade for -- and I don't have any complaints about my iPad that a newer model can fix.

Except, apparently, screen resolution.

That is one of the things that had me consider upgrading, but I really can't justify it right now. Nearly everything I currently run is already iPad optimized, so I wouldn't gain very much.

However, I may change my mind when newer apps pop up that won't work with my outdated hardware.
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