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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Actually, you don't have to do 'a project' to learn to knit. Just cast on 20 sts or so and do a sampler - practice knitting every row first for a few inches, then throw in an alternate purl row for a couple inches. Then try mixing knits and purls on the same row, do some increases and decs. Try out some other stitch patterns too, and if you make it long enough, you have a scarf by that time.
This is what I did when I first started knitting. I just cast on a bunch of stitches and started trying stuff out. I'd knit for a while, then purl for a while, then do stockinette for a while, then I tried seed stitch for a little bit and did some ribbing. I just kept knitting on the same "project" for a while. The thing was god awful when I was done, but at least it was practice and it wasn't something that I cared about enough to get upset and frog when something didn't go right, or I added a stitch or dropped a stitch. I think doing an actual project would have disheartened me because I would have messed it up the whole way and would have had to stop and start over to much. That would have been very frustrating. At least with the practice scarf there was no real goal so it was ok when I made mistakes.
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