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Well, guess I should also jump in here: I've used the Knit Picks, both the metal and wooden ones which were just fine. I tried the newer Knitter's Pride in both the metal and the wooden ones (round and cubics). I like the cables in both of these; however, I just bit the bullet recently and ordered a set of the Addi Lace Clicks Long Tip set and I am LOVIN' them. Just today I did order a couple of extra cables, extenders and end stoppers. It is an investment but I am so happy with the way the new Addi Lace needles perform. They DO NOT split the yarn (currently working on heavy worsted-type wool) and notice a tremendous difference after changing over to the new needles from the former ones on the same project. I will keep the other needles, as undoubtedly I will find uses for them but after having tried the newer ones I am sold 150%. Oh, by the way, a few years back prior, I guess, to the Addi changeables I had several sets of the fixed cables and did NOT like them at all as the cables were far too stiff, not so today. To each his own, but I found mine.
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