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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
debminerva, how's the tension coming along? I expect it's getting somewhat easier for you. I really am curious about how it goes for a knitter learning to crochet, especially an English knitter, as it's opposite from me. I still can't knit English comfortably and purling English is worse. It seems to me that knitting English takes a different form of coordination that I just can't manage. I wonder if I have established "tracks" in my brain and it doesn't want to make new ones. Hopefully I'm not pre-fgrogging the sweater I'm working on... again.
I feel like I'm making progress with controlling the yarn. I am working on crocheting hats while I've got several knitting projects on my needles. Somehow, going between the two crafts helps me develop better hand skills. I'm not sure how to explain it. My favorite thing about crocheting is that when I make a mistake, I just frog back to a good spot and continue. In knitting, I can never frog correctly and always end up just ripping out the whole project.

I just finished a basic bucket hat in crochet and I'll start another one tonight. Practice, practice, practice.

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