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It sounds like you're making progress--on all fronts. Since you have to keep a good tension for both knit and crochet, I'm not surprised that one craft is helping you master the other.

You might try periodically inserting lifelines in your knitting. Then you wouldn't have to frog the entire project when you make a mistake. Also, there are some videos on this site about how to fix mistakes, so you might take a look at those. And finally, I, too often have to frog a whole project in knitting if I mess up (when I'm not using a lifeline, that is). But I am getting slightly better at identifying screw-ups and correcting them.

And, yes, it's a whole lot simpler to fix mistakes in crochet, and I can always identify them, too. It's also easier to crochet in the round, but knitting has its own benefits!
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