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The only trouble I had with Knit Picks cables coming loose, breaking away from the metal thing was when I had 300-450 aran weight stitches on the 60" cable for my log cabin blanket, those lonnnnnnnnnnng outer logs!

I had to tug and pull the stitches along.....and SNAP!!! Darn cable let loose and I had a hot mess on my hands. Fortunately, I only had garter stitches on the cannes, easy to pick up. Tedious, but easy.

Had it happen again, too. Same scenario. So I've given up on using Knit Picks 42" & 60" cables for those 300+ stitches projects. I just cram them onto a 32".

I've tried "connecting" my Addi Clicks together to make a 50-60" cable, but that 3.5" metal connector is annoying as it slides back and forth through the stitches. It kinda snags.

So back to Plan A: the 32" cable of either brand.
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