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Okay maybe I'm a dunce, but your health and your husband's health should be something you have control over. So if one doctor doesn't help you or won't refer you, then find another one--in fact, keep looking until you find someone who will help you.

Furthermore, if you think he needs the machine, and you can't pay for it up front, make monthly payments on it. If it's insurance that's keeping you from getting the machine, go around it. Look online for machines. Ask your doctor to get one for you. You can figure out how to pay for it without insurance!! Look on eBay and see if you can find a used one!!

I've heard that if you're dealing with a doctor who refuses to find problems/treatments, then you should have them sign a document saying such (that is, that they refused to help you).

This puts doctors over a barrel and makes them a little more eager to go the extra mile (since if something does go awry, you have a signed document that states they refused to find/treat the problem).
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