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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You may need a lot less, I do when I use a larger needle to make the same size item. Say if you make 9 squares instead of 12, that's 3/4 so you'd probably use about .75 of the yardage. Or if the worsted gauge is 4 sts per inch, and you get 3 per inch that's also .75. If you use a 13 or 15 needle you might get 2 or 2 sts per inch which may only be about 50-60% of the original yardage.
Exactly. You're going to use larger needles with the bulky, less yarn, fewer cast on stitches. It's going to take less time to knit. The yarn shop knows this. I think he was trying to sell you more yarn than you need. I would question his honesty.
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