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Help with "turn work with ws to rs".
hi there!
I'm knitting a baby bonnet and can't figure out the pattern.. the pattern is lanett baby book 0612, no. 3 if maybe you have it..

the pattern reads like so:

"cast on 160 sts. knit 5 rows back and forth for frill edging. next row: k2tog until sts = 80. work st st for 7.5 cm = edging 2 at front. Turn work with WS to RS. cont with St st for 1cm and inc 9 sts evenly spaced."

i think i can prolly figure out the "1cm and inc 9 sts evenly spaced" because i've had to do that before for the sleeves of the sweater, but i cant figure out the "turn work with WS to RS"..

any help would be much appreciated! thanks!
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