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Neck Shaping trouble for crew neck, bottom up sweater in the round...
Hey there! I'm knitting my very first sweater and am stuck at the neckline shaping. I've been following along with video tutorials/blog posts from Knit Picks "How to knit a Sweater" with Nina, knitting a crew neck Raglan bottom up sweater in the round. I have a few questions that hopefully some of you can help me with! I've attached my sleeves to the body and began working my raglan decreases. Now I am to the point where I'm supposed to bind off the center stitches to start the neckline. Here are the problems I'm facing..

1) It says to bind off the center stitches on a plain row (knit row) and continue kitting to the end of the row and start knitting flat. The problem is, I'm thinking that my beginning of row changes to the beginning of the bind off sts, in other words, where the neck line begins. But how does that work when my original end of row is at the left back (when looking at it from the back side) (at raglan decreases). ? It seems to present several problems... 1) the right front side (when looking at my sweater from the front) of my neckline has more rows than the left front (because of passing my original starting point and proceeding to purl back). And 2) because I bound off on a knit row like it says to (without decreases anywhere) and then purled back (again no decreases), I've now missed a decrease row.. won't that look funny?

2) Also, where I've bound off, the left side of the bind off has a little hole under it, whereas the right side runs smoothly without any holes. Is there a way to fix this?

To sum things up, I understand that she says to start knitting flat to start the neckline, I'm just not sure how to do that without running into the problems above. And then also the problem with the bind off not looking symmetrical.

Thank you so much in advance!
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