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Help understanding a famous poncho pattern
Originally Posted by sunnychim View Post
Thanks for the helpful advice everyone!!
I finally decided to attempt to knit the Martha Stewart Homecoming Poncho, (pattern can be found in RedHeart yarns site, or skeinlane site)...I have a few rows done, but I am not at all comfortable with the top, or the neckline of this says, after you have finished the 72 rows of Mock Granny Stitch pattern, to 'Knit across remaining 18 sts. Place on holder.' This poncho is weird as it has to be knit in 4 pieces, then sewn together, but the neckline is not done until the very end...after all 4 pieces have been knitted. is where it gets really strange...Neckband: 'Slip all neck sts from holders onto needle - 72 sts. With RS facing, join yarn to right side neck and knit across all sts. Work in Garter st (knit every row) for 2" [5 cm], ending with a RS row. Bind off loosely. Sew remaining Poncho and Neckband seam. Weave in ends.'

Does anyone see any problem with my not following that particular part of the pattern, and going with another pattern at the end of the poncho, where I can just bind off normally, and sew the pieces together to each other? I have another pattern that will give me all of the lace effect this poncho gives...I have only worked on one of the 4 pieces so far. I am not at all crazy about the way this pattern has sooooo many YO's ... its just not explained very may be explained better in the crochet pattern since it was crocheted originally, from what I understand, by a 'cellmate' of Martha Stewart. I am just not good at crochet - yet!

I really, really like the Scalloped Edge of this pattern...but not the rest of the pattern...its not that difficult, except for all the YO's and all the strange long pieces of yarn on the next ideas, ladies and gents?

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