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Hey there,

Thank you so very much for your reply! I have a few more questions if that's ok!

You said, "The difference in the end of round and the beginning and end of bind off isn't going to make a noticeable difference in the look of the sweater. There's often a difference in the bind offs, decreases etc." Sounds good. My other question is, what do I count as the first complete round after the bind off (as I am basing where to stop the neck line based on the number of completed rounds, not like in some other patterns where you base it on, say, the number of stitches left on each sleeve)? Would it be, at the beginning of the bind off, where the bind off began I mean? Also, thereafter, I imagine a completed round would be each knit row AND each purl row.. in other words, (since I'm working flat), a completed knit row is one round, and a completed purl row is another round. Is this right?

Also, you said, "Check the directions and make sure that you're not supposed to decrease on the bind off or following rows. Is it possible that the shoulder decreases are finished or do they continue after the neck bind off?" I'm definitely instructed to do the bind off on a plain row. It makes more sense to me to do it on a decrease row though, as it would not leave so many decreases out, just the left front (when looking at it from as if wearing the sweater... just learned this is always how one is supposed to refer to it!) I guess if something makes more sense, I can change it right? Still so afraid to mess with things! Also, yeah, the raglan decreases continue after the neckline begins..

Annnnd, one more question please! Thank you so very much for your patience!

... Is there a certain decrease pattern that would fix the hole problem on the bind off? I know you said it will probably be fixed when picking up for the hem line, but it'd make me feel better (as a new knitter!) to just not see it at all. lol.

Again, thank you SO much, you have no idea. I've just joined this forum and have never been good at reaching out for help but am so glad I found this place and your help!!! Thank you thank you thank you. )
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