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Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Is anyone else interested in working on Dragonfly?

1. cheley (<-- Currently knitting)

Also, how are the other blankets coming?

Blueberry Chocolate
1. Katie/sakura-panda
2. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab
3. moonbunny
4. Susan/susauehl
5. calimama (<-- Currently knitting!)

Spring Break
1. Susan/susauehl
2. ZoseyPosey
3. calimama (<-- Currently knitting!)
4. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab
5. Moonbunny
Glad you "like" it..I have been working deligently to post a "pic" instead of the just won't happen!! Maybe one of the Mods will pick up on it and fix it...It is on my Flickr account..also, I will certainly finish and donate any

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