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Sorry! My notifications quit working because I visited KH without being logged in and didn't realize it. So I thought all this time that nothing was happening over here because I wasn't getting any emails.

Thanks for the update, calimama! I'm glad to hear you're able to get back to it!

ZoseyPosey is next on Dragonfly. We still need two more knitters!

1. cheley (<-- Currently knitting)
2. ZoseyPosey
3. Susan/susauehl

Blueberry Chocolate
1. Katie/sakura-panda
2. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab
3. moonbunny
4. Susan/susauehl
5. calimama (<-- Currently knitting!)

Spring Break
1. Susan/susauehl
2. ZoseyPosey
3. calimama
4. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab (<-- Currently knitting!)
5. Moonbunny
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