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SOS... now what?
So, pattern said
*** Sleeve: 1st row: (WS) K20.
I did that
then it says
Leave rem 23 sts on a st holder. I put them on
Now it says
Cast on 26 sts for sleeve. 46 sts in total.

Here is where I am lost. I have 23 sts on a holder on the left of my work. I have 20 stitches knit on my right.

How do I cast on the 20 stitches on that right hook to have the 46 stitches total?

I have a whole new respect for knitters! I learned how to crochet from a book 15 years ago... never had this many 'huh?' moments and have made some neat stuff! Now I remember why I have had so many failed attempts with knitting. Not giving up this time thought since I have sites like this with all you amazing and talented people to help!
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