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Knitting projects promised Nightmare!
I have been in and out of the hospital for the last 6 months, I have had 3 surgeries so far and have the last one on June 28. (I have REALLY BAD Arthritis, and needed to replace both hips and both knees, I should have my left elbow and right ankle replaced also, but not willing to do that MUCH surgery in one year.) I seem to be unable to knit with any kind of consistency when I am in the hospital or for the first 3 weeks when I get out--Might have something to do with the pain, pain medications, or simple loss of energy because of the surgeries.
So I just realized that I am REALLY Backed up with Promised knitting projects, I need some help with ideas of how to politely tell some people that they are not going to get what they have been promised within the time frame it was promised.
Here is the list of all current projects and their promised delivery date. HELP!
  1. 2 pairs socks--brother's birthday 8/1--only one pair started (Toe up 2 at a time--toe finished started on foot)
  2. 2 dishcloths--mom's birthday 10/28--1 started about 1/3 finished, yarn for other purchased)
  3. 2 pairs socks--Mom Christmas--NOT started, Yarn purchased
  4. Pink Blanket--Nurse from hospital 6/27--Started about 1/16 done (She is paying me for it)
  5. 5 Blue hats--NICU at Private hospital 6/27--3 finished other 2 not started (Hospital provides yarn and requests completion within 1 month)
  6. 2 Comfort shawls--ICU at Private hospital 6/27--1 started (only 7 rows done, Hospital provides yarn and requests completion within 6 weeks)
  7. Pony--Friend Angelique's birthday 1/1--not started (she paid for all the yarn since she wanted very expensive yarn)
  8. 5 pink hats--NICU at Private hospital 6/27--not started (Hospital provides yarn and requests completion within 1 month)
  9. Brown Shawl--myself 8/31--NOT started, yarn was purchased for me as a birthday present this year, and I was told to make myself a shawl to wear at the church picnic on 8/31
  10. 4 Baby Blankets--Palmer Park Blanket Brigade--1 (peach) started. They provide the yarn. They never request the blankets back by a certain time, but they hand out 30 or more blankets to the battered women's shelter and city owned hospital NICU every week , and need these blankets ASAP.
How in the heck am I going to let people know that I am sorry they are not going to get what they wanted in their time frame, but that I promise they will get The project eventually?

Any suggestions?
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