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what to do with a remaining st
Hi everyone, need help with a new pattern for me.
Here goes;
I'm knitting a round dishcloth
pattern calls for

CO 15 sts.
row1: k
row 2: k3,yo,k11 so 1 st remains
row3: k
row4: k3,yo,k11 so 2 st remains
row5: k
row6: k3,yo,k11 so 3 sts remains
row7: k
row8: Bo 3 sts to create the first scallop,k2,yo,k8 so 4 sts remain.
row9: k
row 10: k3,yo,k8 so 5 sts remain.
row11: k
row12:k3,yo,k8 so 6 sts remain.
row13: k
row 14: bo 3 sts,k2,yo,k5 so 7 sts remain.
row15: k
row 16: k3,yo,k5 so 8sts remain
row 17: k
row18: k3,yo, k5 so 9 sts remain.
row19: k
row 20: bo 3 sts k to end of row
2. repeat rows 1-20 until there are seven patterns.
3. bo. Using tapestry needle, draw up to center and sew.
I understand the pattern for the most part except when I am having so many sts remaining. What do I do with them? I love to knit, and learning a new pattern sometimes can be confusing especially on how they word things and dont explain what you do with the remaining sts. I know it says this pattern will teach you how to make a scallop edge along the perimeter of a round project. It also calls for size 8 straight needles, cant I use 8 cicular?
Any help would be most welcome. its early morning in NewJersey and I cant sleep, house is nice and quiet and I have this time to relax and knit. For those of you out there you know what this feels like, "me time" with no interruptions. lol
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