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Thanks Everyone!
Thanks everyone! I Love the suggestion of sending a cliping of the yarn with the note explaining that things just won't be done on time. I Definitly will be saying NO to any and all new projects, and reprioratizing things and doing those that I feel I can really accomplish.
I think you are right that anyone that gives me a hard time, needs to be droppd from the knitting project list.
DogCatMom, I am sorry to hear of your loss but Happy that you have a new Fur Baby to care for, I am glad you have teh ability to care for ruesuce animals.
I addition to all this surgery, I also had to have my dog (he was 14 3/4 years old, but I had only had him for 4 months. I resuced him from my brother's new wife; she did not have time to care for him as she was working 16 hour days with 1 hour total commute time.) put down last Saturday. He had Aggressive rectal cancer (no visable rectal tumor 4 weeks ago, grew to totally occlude his rectum in 4 weeks) and was unable to poop. Durring the autopsy they found additional Cancer tumors on his kidneys, liver, and chest wall. Vet thought that if we had gone the painkiller and laxative route he would have died within the month anyway.
So now I have to get over his loss before I can consistently knit again, also.

Glad I have you all here to help me keep Knitting in perspective.
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