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Sorry I didn't realize this thread was still receiving responses.

I can't give you the link to the pattern, it is in a knitting book, French Girl Knits.

I actually did the 314, got up 5 rows (after several mistakes and having to recast on multiple times) I put it on a string and put it on and it hung down to the floor. I was kind of mad. I undid it again and recast on twice more, subtracting the number each time.

I went to my knit-a-long with my 6 rows at 193 stitches and she said, oh, its supposed to be ginormous. Its a scalloped edge pattern and after you get past the scallops it (supposedly) shrinks down to a reasonable size.

I'm also size 28/30, so 314 stitches is about right for one my size.

On another note, with all that undoing and recasting on, I've done over 1000 cable cast on stitches, all using DogCatMom's suggestion. I do it listening to an audiobook and several times I cable cast on over the amount I needed, using the crochet hook was so easy.
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