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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
I've never had any problems with ripping out Caron Simply Soft and reusing it, and I've done it a bunch (because I mess up a lot). I hope they haven't changed the quality of their yarns!

On the other hand, I've pretty much stopped buying any yarn from Hobby Lobby. They drastically downsized their yarn department several years ago and then they started carrying pretty much ONLY their own yarns (the I Love This ___ and the Busy Bee or whatever that ungodly priced crap is), both of which I find inferior! And then to top it all off, their prices are astronomical compared to other yarns of the same kilt. I've complained to them about it, and they just brushed off my concerns. So I'll stick with Caron Simply Soft and other brands that make quality yarns, have good customer service, and don't try to rip you off!

Okay, I'm through!

I use worsted acrylic almost exclusively, and I love this yarn is the softest i've found that is at a reasonable price.And i do consider it a quality yarn...ive never had any trouble with it. It obviously isnt the best out there, but i'm a big fan! I do use SS quite a bit too, but I love this yarn is my go to! It may be a bit more expensive than RHSS, but i honestly CAN'T STAND knitting or crocheting with it. I love this yarn holds up beautifully and is fantastic for baby things! If i'm looking for something other than my usual worsted acrylic i go to joanns or knitpicks!

I guess it all comes down to personal preference! Everyone is different!

Do you have any other brands that you use oftern that you could recommend for me to try out?!

I love how passionate we all get about our yarn!
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