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FO: Mulled Cider Jacket
I love this design! Thea Colman patterns are impeccable! I'm drawn to most of what she designs!

My two most pronounced modifications are the height of the collar (for my short neck, I had to
forego all that height, and my collar fits me perfectly)...and the 'leaf frog' closure in the front.

The Back

This "Leaf Frog" design can be found in Nicky Epsteins's book "Knitting Beyond the Edge" on page 119.
I love it! Especially since the coat itself has leaves built into the vines!

I loved the original frogs on the model coat...but for me...when they are closed, they pull that ribbed 'band' something awful. If I were stick straight up-and-down, top-to-bottom...then maybe they wouldn't pull so much. My single little frog stays buttoned, too! Yay!

I could knit up two more, and have the 3 frogs...but so far, I'm not convinced I need 3.

Here is the model coat. It's adorable.

And here are my Rav notes, if you care to read more....
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