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New to Knitting!
Seven years after retirement and I was booored! So in November 2011, I picked up a pair of knitting needles and began knitting squares which consisted of 'knit, rip apart', again and again! Being a perfectionist, I was determined to be able to knit without obvious errors and I'm quite near that point. Or I should say that I am now able to recognize errors much more quickly and am able to 'save' the project.

In February 2012, my grandson begged me to make him a hat. (Up to this point I had not actually 'made' anything). But I knitted a square, sewed up the back, made a pom pom and I finally had a hat!

Since then, I've probably knitted 25 hats and my progress has been amazing. No fancy stitches....but I have fun with stripes. My knitting supplies consist of lots of circular needles and bulky yarn which I prefer over that skinny little yarn I call string.

So I just wanted to say "Hello" to those reading this forum and I would be happy to hear from you and how you got into this obsession!


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