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Ah Yes the Knit and rip method of knitting I know it so well.

Some observations from my experience.
  • Knitting should and can be relaxing; knit for fun and relaxation not perfection.
  • Imperfections that you see will never be seen by others.
  • Knitting stitches are under tension and as the item is used, worn and laundered the tension between all stitches it trying to even out. As the tension evens out many "imperfection" will disappear.
  • There are no imperfections in knitting there are just unplanned design elements.
  • Knitting in the round is the same as knitting squares, you just do not have any edges.
  • There are excellent videos on this site and Youtube that will help you expand your abilities.
  • No matter what the hat looks like your Grandson will love it because it was knit be HIS GRANDmother.

I have learned these concepts over the years. In the beginning I worn out more yarn by knit/rip, knit/rip, knit/rip than by wearing.

Enjoy and welcome to the addiction called knitting.

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