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Originally Posted by Olha View Post
Oh, so interesting. The leaves closure is quite unique. Is it a bobble that goes into the loop? Does it hold well?
The 'bobble' is created by folding the i-cord, with the leaf at each end of it, in half...then making a knot at the fold. I was sure to secure the 'knot' bobble by sinking stitches into it won't come unknotted.

Yes, does hold really well! The pattern suggested that you also place a hook and eye underneath the bobble-knot and add more security...but it wasn't necessary in my case. It holds closed just fine 'n dandy.

Possibly there are instances where people knit a size too small, or are going for "0" positive ease, which I call "T-shirt ease"...and so any closure, frogs or buttons, would be strrrrained. I don't go for that look. I always just think the sweater looks like you knit the size too small. When I have underestimated my sizing...I have been know to knit buttonbands that are the darn thing doesn't pull and strain. You can get away with a little like that.

I have two cardigans where the button closure has become a bit strained. Gah. Since the two cardigans are designed to be worn buttoned up...I'm going to stitch down the buttonbands, overlapping them with the buttons buttoned...and then permanently close them with hidden running stitches. The neckline is scooped, so the thing can be pulled on over my head. I never wear it unbuttoned anyway, so what's the diff?
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