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Thank you for your quick reply to my question.
I really apprecite it!

Originally Posted by Misty2275 View Post
I am making a raglan sleeve cardigan sweater, I'm to the part in the graph where I have to start decreasing.
Each square on the graph is a stitch. when I do what it says to start the first row. It seems I'm only decreasing one stitch on each end. then my stitch count is off.
but on the graph it looks like two squares. this is what it says.
K.1, sl.1 k.1, p.s.s.o, work to last 3 sts., k.2 tog., k.1.
I'm at the point on the graph where the decreasing begins
On Mary Maxim patterns all decreasing is on the knit rows
please help, I can't go any further.
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