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]I'm knitting the Nancy/Nadia cardigan from the Sublime #650 booklet.
*Is there a photo? Do the sleeves look like they have a diamond pattern in the photo? If so, does it look the same size as on the body of the sweater or is it different?

***The pattern on the sleeves look the same with the same size

I don't know if it's me or what but the instructions do not continue in the diamond pattern.
*You have compared the back and sleeve patterns side by side and they are different? Could it be that the sleeve pattern is proportionately smaller, thus making the pattern seem different, but it will still create a diamond in the end?

***The pattern for the back consists of the 32 rows to make the diamond pattern. The four lines of the pattern for the sleeve are the same as the first four rows of the back pattern. The difference in the pattern is for the sleeve row 1 and row 2, it wants you to cast on 16 stitches at the end of the row. The pattern calls for 64 rows for the sleeves to complete

If someone could help me out, I could send you a copy of the pattern for you to look at. The pattern repeats every 32 rows so it would take me forever to type it all out.
*Unless someone happens to have this booklet, you will likely need to find a way to post some of the pattern lines here to get further assistance.[/quote]

*** I could scan part of the pattern and attach to the thread
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