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"lotus-blossom" blanket pattern--don't understand how to begin!
Hi all! I'm thrilled to have found this site and plan to use it often in the future.

I have found a beautiful baby blanket pattern that I would love to make. It is knit in the round and all the stitches used seem simple enough. My trouble is beginning. I don't understand the instructions.

First it says, "Cast on 8 sts using the disappearing loop method. Pull the cable through so you have 4 sts on each needle." So far so good. Then it says: "Work the following pattern four times on each round." I'm not sure what this means. It is followed by a set of 26 rows that makes up the pattern.

Even more confusing is the first knitted row: "K, 2yo, K." Is this what I am working four times on each round? Is my "round" my 8 sts? Any help is appreciated!
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