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Hi Sue
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
There is a very small chart just for the cable. The cable stitch is worked over 25 stitches and is seperated by st st. In total there are only 4 rows to the pattern, which is a bit confusing as we generally work every row individually.
You work a bit of the pattern before your 1st row begins. After your 1st row is completed it says:
When work measures 14 rows....
Does this mean I rework row 1 until I have 14 rows? And is it 14 rows in total, or 28 rows (including st st on reverse). work k1, *k2tog, k21, slip 1, k1, psso, 25 sts cable patt* rep from * to end with k1. Work 7 rows on the rem sts.
Does this mean I work the above row 7 more times before moving on to row 2? Or 14 including st st?
Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks again
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