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The confusing part may be the use of "Row 1-4" in the instructions. It makes them seem like consecutive rows which they are not. Follow the instructions and keep track of what row you're on. At the same time keep the cable pattern repeating . Use 2 row counters or paper and pencil to make sure you don't skip a row, especially on the cable pattern.

Row 1: k30, *p2, k9, p3, k9, p2, k29* rep *to* ending with p2, k9, p3, k9, p2, k1. When work measures 14 rows total work
Row 15: k1, *k2tog, k25, slip 1, k1, psso, 25 sts cable patt* re from *to* end with 1.
Work 7 rows on the rem 210 sts.

Row 23:(rs) k1, *k2tog, k23, slip 1, k1, psso, 25cp,* rep from *to* ending with k1 (202 sts).
Work 7 rows on the rem 202 sts.

Row 31: (rs) k1, *k2tog, k21, slip1, k1, psso, 25 sts Cable patt* rep from *to* ending with k1.
Rep this dec row on every foll 8th row 10 times.
So repeat this dec row on rows 39,47,55,63,71,79,87,95,103,111
Work 4 rows on the rem 114 sts.

Next row I'd do this on row 115:(rs) k2tog at beg of row, cont on rem sts. Leave the rem 113 ss on a st holder.
All of the decrease rows happen on right side rows.
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